is not an expert, master, nor trying to imitate Jhumpa Lahiri or Amy Tan. Just an ordinary girl with huge lust in writing and also believe that writing is indeed one of the stress relievers. I’d be more than happy if you fond my writings and spend two seconds on leaving me comments. And would be happier if this makes you smiling and laughing out loud!!

Enjoy peeps!!


itu senang nulis. Kadang pakai bahasa Inggris, untuk variasi. Soalnya nggak bisa pakai bahasa Spanyol apalagi kromo inggil. Terimakasih sudah baca tulisan saya. Semua tulisan ini berdasarkan pengalaman dan pemikiran pribadi aja, ndak usah dikaitkan dengan lembaga ataupun keluarga. Terimakasih lebih banyak kalau sudi meninggalkan komen πŸ™‚



Try to refresh the look of my blog (she’s 8 years now!!) and kept some of my previous writings as private (oh my dearest Lord, please forgive me for all things I wrote when I’m 25ish *pray hard*). But decide that the profile should be as it is πŸ™‚

Apparently, regardless the content, I wrote quite a lot at that time. Now I plan to write and publish pictures more but it seems to be listed as things-I-always-want-to-do-but-never-even-touch-a-bit-of-it.

So, let’s just see where it goes πŸ™‚