and the story begin

It’s been a week now, more or less, of me being in the gorgeous Edinburgh, a city that present scenes beyond my expectation as a mere dreamer. Edinburgh has a lot to offer, including the natural landscape that I’m afraid of missing for being detached from Indonesia. But then voila! I have a huge Holyrood Park and a set of hills namely Arthur’s seat, showing panoramic view of extinct volcano, with just a few walks away from my door. With the combination of these, who can ever complain?

There are many trekking routes for these hills. Among them there’s a nice pedestrian, a luxury that I long to have in Jakarta, lead to Holyrood Palace, the official resident of the Queen in Scotland. Feeling a little touristy, I bought my first ticket to blend in with this land of monarch and listened to the audio guide while – trying to – observed keenly on Queen’s gallery and took some usual tourist-like photos. The only different was that I am now entitled for the student discount in Edinburgh.

And the student induction week has over.

So here I am, 15 hours flying away from home, more than 7,000 miles away from those that I can depend on 24 hours a day, and six hours difference of breakfast hours.

Bid good night for Edinburgh stars and good morning for the sun in Jakarta.

PS: untuk para Tante Memels, gue arrange satu meja tambahan. Internet kenceng dan gue bisa bikin kopi enak. Kita kerja bareng as always 🙂 Udah bisa pake remote karaokenya kan? Pesen RBE juga bisa sendiri ye? Jangan keseringan krisis pamulang yak. Titip nyokap. Take care.