Keep Swinging, Mocca

A well designed performance always comes along with a package of an outburst. It’s like something was roaming through the eyes and ears and it’s incised directly into the heart, or nerves, or whatever part of the body organs that can suddenly wake up all of the emotions and drive both the smile and tears. In addition, it can also drive your hands and hips to swing around with the performance. During the entire performance, that is, even if you’re not really familiar with the songs. To me, Mocca Last Show held in Basketball Hall, Jakarta, Indonesia on 15 July 2011 is one of those.

To begin, ‘Anabelle and the Music Box’ cabaret show performed by BOSMAT stitched the songs played by Mocca, and their indie label music buddies, during the first three segments of the show. The stage was decorated colorfully, complete with some soldier-like statues, resemblance of a desert flower, magical music box, and a wide screen in the back of the stage for some animations that, if you let them, took the liberty of controlling the mood based on the performed songs. The ambience was similar with what you would imagine of Alice in Wonderland the book version, only with superb music. As usual, there are two large screens on the left and right of the stage for showing whats happening on the stage. In addition, two barcalounger-like-chairs were stationed on the right for the story tellers slash MC, the hilarious music journalist Soleh Solihun and radio-announcer-from-Bandung-goes-to-TV Ringgo Agus Rahman. It was really fun just to hear these dudes rambling over Mocca’s secret or even anything not related with the show. Moreover, the level of enjoyment are multi-folding if the audience comes from Bandung and avid twitter user.

Mocca opened the show with Dream, then continued it with Happy, This Conversation (this one is Yaya‘s favorite – my concert goer partner and the one who take the above picture), I Think I’m in Love, and Secret Admirer. Perfect! All songs that I know the lyrics by heart. Although the cabaret was intended to support the flow of these songs, I would say that somehow it’s distracted my imagination of these songs. The main challenges of this was the small stage in the venue and the poor quality of the mirroring screens on both sides. Seeing Anabelle, Bob the boyfriend (is it Bob? I kinda forgot), and the rest of the cast sharing stages with Mocca is just too much. The screens were sometime lagging or late in switching, plus it did not show a high definition quality as well. Ah well. Actually, Mocca have always been very consistent with how they kept referring their band as, quoted from what is written in their twitter bio, ‘your lovely story-telling pop band’. They are indeed a story-teller. Their songs scream stories! Therefore, it’s does not need a genius to create a story in the mind on each and every single of their songs. We just have to watch ourself out should the imagination gone unthinkably wild.

One of the highlights during the Mocca Last Show was the collaboration. Guess who they hijacked to sing along in the stage? Those great indie label bands: Sore, Endah n Rhesa, Float, and White Shoes and The Couples Company (WSATCC). It’s like having a party at one shot. A familiar party that is. They are like the sweet medicine to your ears after being exposed with those many-people-in-the-band-and-they-just-sing-with-indifferent-voices. Their vocals and musical identity are spectacular. From very simple pair like Endah n Rhesa (I like the way they sing Me and My Boyfriend and change the title into Me and My Husband, and how they actually conversed with their guitar and bass) up to Mocca who nicely make benefit of various musical instruments: guitar, bass, drum, flute, piano, trumpet, trombone, and cello (do I still miss a thing?). And talking about their vocals? These ladies vocals? Oh you just have to see this and compare with the Bjork version of Hyper-Ballad. On the last segment, the collaboration between Mocca and WSATCC went by taking turn. Firstly, Aprilia Apsari sang ‘What If’ with Mocca the band, then Arina Ephipania performed ‘Senandung Maaf’ with the rest of WSATCC. That was just superb.

Like their last song, Life Keeps on Turning, Mocca will continue to turn into other pages, that is the reason why the show was named as Mocca Last Show. Arina added one song in the stage that she never sang before on stage, Tanah Air, a national anthem that I’m sure it’s everybody’s favorite. I’ve been consciously avoiding that song ever since I got my scholarship, but then it was presented by my favorite band. The show was like a farewell concert to me too. Well I still have one more concert to attend next week, but Mocca is more than just a band to watch. As a girl growing up in Bandung and having some sweet time during the booming of indie label and distro (indie clothing++ line, very unique to Bandung), it’s with their music that I grew up with. I still remember when Arina thanking the audience, ‘thanks for everyone having our CDs’, I hold myself of not screaming ‘hey I bought your cassettes! in the distro because it’s not available in Aquarius Dago’. And the Aquarius Dago is no longer there too. So, it’s just about the time to embrace whatever turns we encounter in life.

Keep on swinging, Mocca. With whatever label, whatever names, wherever it will be.