Continuing the Legacy of Peter Rabbit

once upon a time, there were four little Rabbits,
and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter..

Peter Rabbit, and other series of Beatrix Potter , had me at hello. When I first read it as a child, I found that the stories of this rugged rabbit, smarty squirrel, mighty mice, was a total delight and the characters felt so alive. I imagined myself having Peter as my pet and we were wandering through Mr. McGregor garden. In addition, my mom bought me two small marmots as her efforts to materialize Peter Rabbit. Nevertheless, this cute couple is unable to talk and we do not have much space and plants to compare with the garden of Mr. McGregor.

Growing older, I looked at those tales again and observed more on its detail. They made me amaze on the niceties of the drawing, the personification of the characters took my breath away, and I envied on the miniscule aspects of the stories, including how profusely Miss Potter mentioned names of plants and animals. The way she chose, described, and drew her characters felt so close to reality thus, I believed that it was beyond imagination and indeed inspired by actual experiences and interests. It had lead me to wonder what the Hill Top Farm is like, how people in UK actually treated their plants and animals, what are the different between parrots in Indonesia and in UK, how do people live during winter, and many other mind-boggling questions. This has certainly positioned Beatrix Potter as my idol. Furthermore, she continues to stand in my top idol especially after I know her remarks as a conservationist. She also performed notable actions by leaving her 4,000 acres properties to National Trust. Please note that the woman we are talking here was living in 1913, where freedom of expression for women was still extremely ignored. How can you not be inspired?

Graduating from varsities, I found my interests grow in the environmental department. In addition, I currently work in a program that provides grants for community initiatives to apply their local wisdom in conserving natural assets. After five years of working, my desire to find to pursue master degree is skyrocketing. To complete my dream, this course has to be abroad since master degree must be taken in a complete package to get its absolute means. This package comprises of education, travel, and culture. These three things are inseparable. Each is completing others and wrapping them with strong interest will surely provide best results for future actual implementation. Otherwise, you would just get new knowledge and no additional benefits to follow.

Hm, I guess these early paragraphs have easily concluded me to aim the United Kingdom πŸ™‚ Well, my arcane connection of UK in relation with Miss Potter might be explained at the two early paragraphs. All the same is explainable for the logical reasoning behind it, though. Let us just start with education to roll the dice.

The good reputation of British educational system has made them recognized in most parts of the world. There are many high-flying varsities in UK offering courses on various subjects, including environmental issue. Not just in-class, direct practices are also made available in most of the courses. Moreover, many people from different backgrounds are gathering to learn in this country thus it offer another set of experiences of interacting with multi-cultural communities. This diverse experience will be strengthened by combining them with the interesting history of UK, and how good are they in preserving its traditions, landmarks, and gardens. Spread of museums, galleries, historical buildings, and many other points of interests are there to be visited. Beside, its landscape of an island country is perfect to sharpen my interest in learning more about managing natural assets in archipelagic countries. On top of these, it is always easy to travel in and around UK. The country is small and well-coordinated, so day trips will be effortless. Many flights to and from most airports in UK has made visiting other countries of continental Europe easy. Of course, visiting Lake District National Park in Cumbria is on my top itineraries for various reasons: to visit one of the most beautiful spot in UK, to add more National Parks that I had visited in my list, to complete my in-class learning, and of course, to answer my curiosity of the place that inspires Miss Potter the most.

The profound imagination of knowing much about the life in UK, and to visit the country that provided Miss Potter with much of aspirations to record its wealthy natural and cultural assets into understandable languages, have always unconsciously guide my fingers to type the letter UK every time I browse for master degree. I always yearn to experience living in a place where it has strong origins and cultures to complete my formal education. Ultimately, I am hoping that this country can spare its inspiration for me to contribute my legacy to the world, just as what Miss Potter did with the dearly Peter Rabbit.

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PS: the picture below was taken Β after I did get the ticket for Chevening and visited the Ms. McGregor’s garden in Lake District on July 2012 πŸ™‚