counting down…

come here, come
come and let’s make the ten
ten things to prepare before we tie the cans
then we can start with nine
nine rows of racks to fill with books and hidden wines
afterwards, let’s proceed with producing eight
eight travel itineraries per year that can’t hardly wait

come here, come
now it’s time for the seven
preparing seven pots of flowers for the beautiful garden
and not to forget the six
six packs of tissues just in case we’re getting sick
while we’re working on the five
five more steps until we ready to swim and dive
then we can rest on the four
four comfortable chairs that match the floor

come here, come
spare the time to sit for the three
three banana fries and chocolate donuts fat-free
with the endless moment of two
two cups of coffee during our rendezvous

stay here, stay
at that time we will be one