the happy culinary experiences

Welcome to Bangkok! Indeed the city that never sleeps! At first night, me and Ima were wake up even until after midnight. After asking direction to Avi, she recommended us to go to Patpong, famous for its title as the largest prostitution industry in the whole universe. Yes, the sex shows were really here there and everywhere. Walking around the area people were offering us sex performances that mostly involve balls, pingpong, tennis, and the rest of the balls 😉 But I tell you, it’s all strictly professional. Seeing our asian face doesnt mean that we’ll being bargained or something like that. Well, actually, I wonder whether is it advantages or disadvantages? Hehehe.

Aside from those three letters performbanana pancakeances, the areas are indeed loaded with numbers and numbers of street food hawkers! Oh mi God. Numbers of skewers: chicken, pork, squids, beefs. Numbers of healthy food: mango salad, seafood salad, fresh fruits. Numbers of banana appliances: grilled, skewed, fried. And numbers of I don’t know what but I will definitely eat it anyway. On top of all, the food were so cheap. We make our tummy so full for even less than 2.5 USD. Our favorite is the banana pancake. We had it again at the second night when Hery and Bogel were arriving. I consider the pancake to be quite healthy since they were using fresh oil (not the jelantah oil as most street hawkers in Indonesia were using) and the banana are fresh as well.

This ritual cycle also happened during the breakfast. We’re staying at Avi’s hotel that are of course high rated, well it’s a UN level meeting, what do you expect? Actually she’s offering us to have the breakfast in hotel for almost 20 USD or something if I’m not mistaken. Or 60 USD? Ah ja, rather not. We choose again the street hawkers morning version. More or less is similar, we spent 2 USD with lots of changes and our tummy is top full. No pics in the morning though. Then during the midday, we were roaming the Beautiful Royal Palace..

colorful buddhadelicious pillarLining up in the Sky

The complete pictures can be seen on my facebook album. Will upload it to flickr but still got no chance. But anyway, after losing our envy to the royal family with their abundance wealth, we’re decided to have lunch. There are several restaurants in front of the palace and we choose one small restaurants that I stupidly forget the name. The food was so so sooo excellent!

thai food

Although still longing for the real Thai food, we manage to get our ass to.. Phnom Penh. Our first meal is the noodle with I-rather-not-know-what-it-is broth. The noodle stall is located in the local market with all of its density and piles of garbage. It is not a high-end place at all. Even RBE is a lot fancier than this. However, the noodles are amazing, as well as the currency.

mie compres

We arrived in Phnom Penh quite early in the morning and we directly heading to Sumie’s apartment that was in the fourth floor with no elevator. So after lifting all of our luggages, we are so darn hungry, and of course not much time to think of the currency. Small amount of Riels was we only have. After eating, the ladies at the noodle stall said that we have to pay for certain Riels, which we don’t have. Then hesitatingly we asked whether she will accept dollar, and it’s a USD 100, not a small change. Amazingly she took out her piles of money that was so many dollars and riels and she can easily give changes to us in dollar. We only eat for around 5 USD, though 🙂 Things that I learn here is I think Indonesia is praising USD too much. You cant fold, squeeze, or put any nodes in USD or else the value would be decreased, right? While there, at the very modest noodle stall in Phnom Penh, dollar is just like your own currency, but with different drawings.

Back to the culinary session, there was this menu that would later become our favorite and I demand you to try it if you were in Cambodia. It’s the Happy Pizza. What is the different between the regular pizza? You can add several dollars (one or two dollars will also do) to make you ‘happy’ by using the exact herbs. If you know what I mean. In Phnom Penh we are adding two dollars and we end up laughing and so excited all the nights and have a amazing sleep.

pizza compressed

But then in Siam Reap, we find a Happy Pizza stall, and we don’t have to add dollars to make it Happy. Just ask the waiter, ‘Can we have more herbs?’ And they will surely sprinkle the pizza with more more herbs, just like chicken porridge covered with gardens of celeries. Could you be any happier?