your pages

Do you know which pages you’re in?
Are you in the prologue? First chapter?
Or are you drawing near to conclusion?

Ever wonder who create your character?
Who makes you as you are now?
Is it some great entity or you yourself typing the machine?
Does the delete button exist?
Is there anything that you want to cover by the delete button?

If you were the main actor in the book, who are the supporting actors?
How do you know that you were the main actor and the rest are supporters?
Can you choose the supporting actors?
What you should do to add and to delete the supporting actors?

Who’s reading you?
Are you best seller?
Is it good that you’re best seller?
Or is it actually better for you to be mediocre?
Is becoming best seller always the best thing in the world?

Who draw your cover?
Are using pictures or drawings?
Do you pay close attention to the chosen color?
Can it attract people so that they will look inside of you?
Does it really need a good cover so people will look inside of you?

Please don’t use the plastic wrap
Only very thin and transparent layer indeed
but it covers you tightly
Makes you clean but unable to breathe
No matter what the answers are
People just can’t look inside of you.