the one with breaking the rule

The story happened in autumn 2012. It was at the end of the study year where I was crazy busy with the 17,000 words dissertation. Hence a good distraction is always needed. Mine… Continue reading

Mengingat Kisah Sederhana yang Indah

Belakangan ini saya sedang merasa bahwa bahasa Indonesia saya sungguhlah payah, terutama ketika menulis. Menulis sekedarnya saja tentu bisa. Tapi semenjak (terlambat memang, maafkan ya) membaca dengan tekun para penulis seperti Ahmad Tohari… Continue reading

The Melting Pot

Build the Wish List Formal study is out of my dictionary for quite a while. I did some major shift after my undergraduate study and basically there is no formal education background to… Continue reading

and the story begin

It’s been a week now, more or less, of me being in the gorgeous Edinburgh, a city that present scenes beyond my expectation as a mere dreamer. Edinburgh has a lot to offer,… Continue reading

Keep Swinging, Mocca

A well designed performance always comes along with a package of an outburst. It’s like something was roaming through the eyes and ears and it’s incised directly into the heart, or nerves, or… Continue reading

where integrity becomes easy

Would I ever imagine facilitating a workshop of amazing youths from Indonesia and Vietnam? Furthermore, would I even ever imagine a lomba-makan-kerupuk (literally translated as cracker-eating-contest, so typical competition of Indonesian independence day… Continue reading

The Serene Sempu

On last July 2010, I finally managed to get myself to Sempu Island, the pretty small island that I’ve been longing since early last year. Why do I really want to go there?… Continue reading

The Persistent Being Vegetarian Campaign

I just had an impromptu visit to Medan on last lunar new year. Then, I got the chance to encounter (the figure of) the very person that had amazed me since my trip… Continue reading

Umroh 101

Aside from my above ‘religious’ feelings that I experience, there are several things that I like to note which might be benefiting for you. The City I went Umroh for 9 days, including… Continue reading

Umroh: Balancing Both Relations

Most of my travels are impromptu, or at least only one month for preparation. Unlike this one where I actually planned for a while. Unlike my other travel plans, where people often ask… Continue reading

Continuing the Legacy of Peter Rabbit

‘once upon a time, there were four little Rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter..‘ Peter Rabbit, and other series of Beatrix Potter , had me at hello. When I… Continue reading

dari Meulaboh ke Banda Aceh

Terkait dengan pekerjaan, Banda Aceh dan Meulaboh menjadi tempat main saya beberapa tahun kebelakang ini. Sebelum Tsunami, konon kabarnya perjalanan Banda Aceh – Meulaboh hanya sekitar 3-4 jam. Namun jalan itu hancur sehingga… Continue reading

Sunrise di Borobudur

Sejak jalan bareng mas Niko, saya merasa lebih mengapresiasi hidup. Hehe. Mungkin terdengar berlebihan ya, tapi ini sungguhan. Saya jadi punya alasan untuk jalan jauh, mendaki bukit, menyelinap di keramaian, menguras tabungan, lebih… Continue reading

counting down…

come here, come come and let’s make the ten ten things to prepare before we tie the cans then we can start with nine nine rows of racks to fill with books and… Continue reading

the happy culinary experiences

Welcome to Bangkok! Indeed the city that never sleeps! At first night, me and Ima were wake up even until after midnight. After asking direction to Avi, she recommended us to go to… Continue reading

your pages

Do you know which pages you’re in? Are you in the prologue? First chapter? Or are you drawing near to conclusion? Ever wonder who create your character? Who makes you as you are… Continue reading