the one with breaking the rule

The story happened in autumn 2012. It was at the end of the study year where I was crazy busy with the 17,000 words dissertation. Hence a good distraction is always needed. Mine… Continue reading

Mengingat Kisah Sederhana yang Indah

Belakangan ini saya sedang merasa bahwa bahasa Indonesia saya sungguhlah payah, terutama ketika menulis. Menulis sekedarnya saja tentu bisa. Tapi semenjak (terlambat memang, maafkan ya) membaca dengan tekun para penulis seperti Ahmad Tohari… Continue reading

your pages

Do you know which pages you’re in? Are you in the prologue? First chapter? Or are you drawing near to conclusion? Ever wonder who create your character? Who makes you as you are… Continue reading